DIY or Hire? The Answer for 3 Popular Remodeling Projects

With the high cost of remodeling, it’s no wonder that so many homeowners turn to DIY when it’s time to update. However, some renovations are over the average homeowner’s head. Here’s what you can do yourself and what you should save for the pros when it comes to three popular remodeling projects.

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to remodel, and for good reason. Remodeled kitchens are often a major selling point for buyers. A full, professional remodel will require you to hire experienced contractors. According to HomeAdvisor, an average kitchen remodel in Houston costs between $12,159 and $28,093 and takes approximately five to six weeks to complete.

If a full kitchen remodel is not in your budget or isn’t required, consider sprucing up your kitchen area with some DIY projects:


  • Adding a new backsplash: A creative backsplash brings new life to kitchen decor, and it’s a simple project that requires few tools.
  • Painting the walls: Nothing ruins a kitchen’s appeal like greasy walls, but removing buildup tends to damage the paint. Paint with a fresh coat to restore your kitchen’s cheer.
  • Upgrading cabinet hardware: New knobs can bring outdated cabinets into the modern era, and it might be the easiest way to refresh a kitchen’s look.


  • Installing a new sink: While you can easily switch out a faucet, replacing the entire sink or moving its location are more complicated tasks that require a skilled plumber.
  • Adding recessed lighting: Recessed lighting is a sleek solution to poor kitchen lighting. However, installation involves electrical wiring, which requires an electrician to complete.
  • Installing appliances: Installing new appliances isn’t hard, but appliances are heavy and difficult to haul away. Hiring a pro lets you outsource delivery, installation, and disposal.

Bathroom Remodel

The only room that gets more use than the kitchen is the bathroom, so it should be a comfortable and stylish space. While you could spend between $6,539 and $16,410 on a full professional remodel, DIY aesthetic updates let you renovate on a budget.


  • Replacing bathroom accessories: Homeowners can switch out towel bars, toilet paper holders, robe hooks, and other bathroom accessories with tools they already own.
  • Installing a vanity: As long as you’re not moving its location, installing a new bathroom vanity with these instructions from Lowe’s doesn’t require complicated plumbing work.
  • Repairing caulk and grout: Loose and cracked grout is an eyesore and a breeding ground for bacteria. A weekend spent applying new caulk and grout rewards homeowners with a fresh bathroom.


  • Replacing the exhaust fan: Over time, bathroom exhaust fans stop clearing odors and moisture as well as they once did. Replacing a fan or installing a new one requires working with drywall and ventilation, so it’s wise to let professionals handle this task.
  • Changing the layout: Rearranging major bathroom fixtures like the toilet, sink, or shower always calls for the expertise of a plumber. A small mistake in a DIY plumbing project could lead to expensive repairs later on.

Landscape Remodel

It’s hard to compensate for a shabby exterior, no matter how good the inside looks. A landscape remodel attracts buyers and increases homeowners’ enjoyment of their abode. The price of landscaping installation varies depending on your plans, but expect to pay between $1,537 and $5,114.


  • Installing lighting: Outdoor lighting adds beauty and safety, and homeowners can install low-voltage or solar lighting fixtures without an electrician.
  • Planting perennials: No matter whether your thumb is green or brown, it’s possible to install gorgeous perennials by opting for mature plants from a nursery.
  • Building a patio: As long as you’re not pouring concrete, creating a patio is a fun weekend project. Use flagstones to create an oasis that reflects personal style.


  • Designing the landscape: Designing an attractive yard is harder than it sounds. A professional landscape designer should plan the yard’s focal points to ensure your vision becomes reality.
  • Removing a tree: Felling a tree is dangerous and could cause extensive damage to homes and vehicles. A tree service should always be hired for this task.
  • Adding a water feature: A DIY water feature isn’t hard to do, but it’s hard to do well. Save yourself frustration by hiring professionals to add this landscape element.


As you can see, there’s a lot you can do yourself when it’s time to update your home. However, not all home improvement projects are suitable for DIY. Before you embark on a DIY adventure, assess which projects will be safer or have better results when completed by a professional.

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